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For immediate selection and ordering, please click on the shopping cart to see the Order page.  Please refer to the tables below for explanation of the product codes. 


       ITEM NO.
xz-TSP-C_ yyyy.mm.dd
TSP C-Fund: Common Stock  (tracks the S&P-500 index)
xz-TSP-S_ yyyy.mm.dd
TSP  S-Fund:  Small-Cap Stock (tracks the S&P-500 completion index)
xz-TSP-I_ yyyy.mm.dd
TSP I-Fund:  International Stock Investment (tracks EAFE index)
xz-TSP-L_ yyyy.mm.dd 
TSP  L-Fund:  Long-Term Income Fund
xz-TSP-F_ yyyy.mm.dd 
TSP  F-Fund:  Fixed-Income Fund 
TSP C-, S-, I -, F-, L- and Lifetime-Funds

       ITEM NO.
xz-INX-DJI_yyyy.mm.dd     Dow-Jones 30 Industrials Index   
xz-INX-SP-500_yyyy.mm.ddStandard & Poor 500 Index 
xz-INX-NAS-CMP_yyyy.mm.dd      NASDAQ Composite Index


  • x = "A" denotes 250-day average charts
  • x = "H" denotes 120-day-average charts 
  • x = "M" denotes 20-day-average charts
  • x = "W" denotes 5-day-average charts
  • x = "S" denotes a special case study

  • z = "S" denotes a STARTER KIT that includes tutorial charts
  • z = "H" means a collection of charts updated semiannually
  • z = "M" means a collection of charts updated monthly
  • z = "W" means a collection of charts updated weekly
  • z = "D" means a collection of charts updated daily
  • z = "T" means a tutorial

  • ccc = "TSP" denotes the Federal Employees Thrift Savings Plan
  • ccc = "INX" denotes the class of major U.S. stock market indexes
  • ccc = "INT" denotes the class of major overseas stock market indexes
  • ccc = "ETF" denotes ultralong/ultrashort ETF pairs

  • aaa = a character string identifying the specific asset in class ccc

  • yyyy = year in numerical format, e.g., "2008"
  • mm = month in numerical format,  "01" - "12"
  • dd = day in numerical format, "01" to "31"