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This site is for Baby-Boomers and other busy, internet-enabled investors who have substantial exposure in a TSP, 401(k), no-load mutual fund family, or similar diversified retirement savings plan, but very little time for market risk analysis.  The investor’s practical choice is between holding or swapping positions.  A brief monthly or weekly glance at a chart for reassurance may be all that can be reasonably expected.  

Recent market gyrations have revealed the danger of blind reliance upon buy-and-hold investing, dollar-cost-averaging, and share-accumulation strategies that keep your life savings in harm’s way during a downturn by emphasizing the accumulation of assets that are falling in value.   Many investors now realize that they must take some responsibility for the management of risk to their own retirement nest-eggs.  Infrequent but ruinous downward market cycles can chew up long periods of asset growth in very short periods of time.   Losses can involve tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Recognizing these nasty downward trends in time to transfer most of your savings to a much safer haven (e.g., money-market) is where our unique graphical products may help. 

Who protects your savings against market downturns?It is your responsibility to learn how to interpret, synthesize, and apply all available information in the context of your own financial situation in consultation with your personal professional financial advisor.  The unique graphical displays available here can allow current trends in dynamic market behavior to be sensed at a glance.  And the cost is reasonable:  only a few bucks !

Worrying over my savings is ruining my life !  How can I use this site to regain control ?   Click here and follow 5 simple steps ....