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The weekly market watcher is much more aggressive, often doing reseach and making decisions over the weekend.  This may simply be a more continuous check on the safety and allocation of the longer-term investments (glacier watch).  It could also be part of a much more aggressive approach to tactical market timing seeking higher average yield by avoiding losses during downward legs of the more extreme short-term cycles.  The weekly market watcher may develop much more of a trader's mentality.  In this paradigm, a specific timely circumstance or event  (e.g., anticipation of a change in monetary policy, economic downturn, business or political event, social patterns, war or peace, etc.) is the basis for a stronger-than-average expectation that an investment position in a specific market will or will not be profitable in the short run.  The weekly market watcher needs to see market trend data averaged on a weekly (5-day, meaning 5-trading-session) basis.  Chart products for the weekly investor are collections of 5-day-average charts.  They are identified by a prefix consisting of  "W" and a second character that indicates the type of averaging, e.g., "D" indicates daily updating while "W" denotes weekly updating.